The acorns are very plentiful this year so on my walk today I took a basket to pick some up. About half of this is from one tree. I was picking them up and a breeze kept on making more fall so I just kept on picking them up.

In Native American food lore acorns are a staple and can be made into various kinds of meals and even into flour.

Now I need to look up how to preserve these and use them.

I ate a couple today. They have a slightly bitter flavor with another flavor much like garbanzo beans. The ones that the pulp has turned brown taste a little like cinnamon. I like the flavor. I would be happy to just make the flour to use as a staple for the winter.

The first thing to do is to cook a bunch to use as fresh acorns and maybe freeze some of that. The bitterness is tannic acid which can be boiled out. I think it takes two boilings to rinse it all out.. Then what is left is the basic nutty protein with a good flavor.

The remaining ones need to dry in the sun or an oven so they don’t get mildewy. Then they can be crushed and made into a flour.

I need to try all of this out.

I would love to hear about anyone else’s experiences with this. Please comment.