A 4″ x 6″ graphite drawing based on a doll I have.



I like to draw lace. With each attempt my hand finds the rhythm in drawing it. Hopefully every time executing it will become faster and faster and maybe drawing lace will be second nature instead of looking at it so closely to do it.

As bran muffins they didn’t rise. That is probably because instead of using butter I cut walnuts into a fine flour so the walnut oil would seep through. The dough is maybe too heavy to rise. Instead, I put little mounds on a cookie sheet. They are delicious

They can be buttered and still have a muffin-like quality. I call them “muffies”.

Compared to an unground stick of the same diameter, this is how much grating down a stick to make one teaspoon of cinnamon. It doesn’t take very long.

Cooking is a hobby for me when not in a rush to eat. I buy my cinnamon in stick form in Indian markets in central New Jersey. This is much cheaper than getting it in a spice jar at the super market. Grinding my own with one side of a cheese grate is relaxing and puts a nice aroma of cinnamon in my kitchen.


This one reminds me of a Japanese taiko drum.