Candles and some meaningful items on a glass covered trunk in front of one of my paintings gives light and warmth in a corner of my small bedroom while the power is still out the night after Hurricane Sandy came through Pile County. Pennsylvania in 2012.

It’s about 45 degrees out and this room is 62 F. It’s enough to get some of the dampness out before blowing out the candles and going to sleep.

Candles give off their own pollution but are fine for temporary light and warmth in a small room if it isn’t too cold.

Anyway, this is the environment I created for myself tonight.


Soapstone carvings and candle.

Route 590, Rowland in Lackawaxen Twp., PA.

This pole is snapped with wires close to the ground caused by a tree that fell on the wires. The corresponding poles on each side are intact. More pictures to follow.

Thos morning I woke up arpund 4:30 AM and heard some strong winds. I am in an area of my home where I only can heat wind if it is strong. But most of the time this morning it is pretty quiet and can hear wind as slight backgroumd noise.

I scooped up some sand from Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey a few years ago. I’m feeling sentimental to this area today due to Hurricane Sandy so I am sharing this picture of the sand.

I have to sleep on it.

A 4″ x 6″ graphite drawing based on a doll. I’ll be finishing this in the next hour or so. I need to step back and look at it for a few minutes.